The All New 2011
REAC Inspection Custom Scoring Guide

Custom prepared for each property, the REACSolutions REAC Scoring Calculator
can provide you with a complete listing of all possible REAC defects, and their scoring values!

Hit Your REAC Target for 2011

This is an invaluable resource for owners and managers of properties that are subject to annual HUD REAC inspections.

In our many years of experience as consultants to properties that are subject to REAC inspections, we have found that the typical ownership or management company - without this kind of critical information - spends thousands of needless, wasted dollars and hundreds of man/hours in conducting their preparations for the inspection.  That is to say, that in preparing the property for the inspection, they accelerate spending on projects that do not have any effect on the property's final REAC score.

Short of hiring an independent REAC expert to pre-inspect your property and provide you with a detailed prediction of all defects that might be cited, along with the scoring value of each defect, this REAC Scoring Report is the single most valuable tool you can possess in your efforts to achieve high compliance with the UPCS and the REAC inspection standards.

Never again will you spend ten of thousands of dollars on repairs, only to find out that the expenditure did not significantly improve your REAC score.  Never again will you decide to "take a chance" on a deficiency, only to find out that you lost 5, 10, or even 18 points on something you could have easily addressed.

REACSolutions can prepare a customized Scoring Report that details the precise value of every REAC defect, within tenths of a point, unique to your property.

See sample pages from a report and manual for a unique single high rise building   -  download a ten page sample of the 60 page document.  The full version is a full copy of the original UPCS/REAC definitions, plus "simplified" rule of thumb definitions that are easier to learn.  The manual contains comparisons of similar defects for Exterior, Common Areas, and Units to help you understand the scoring differences.  We also combine "structural surfaces" like walls, floors and ceilings into their own section so you can compare the definitions and scoring value.  Another section groups doors windows, and "egress issues" for better clarity.  A section on electrical defects collects all electrical defects for all Inspectable Areas together. 

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